Do you love to sing and want to become a better singer?
Have you struggled with singing on pitch? 
Do you strain to reach high notes?
Do you have problems breathing and controlling your vocal sound?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! I’ve developed a 12 week interactive program with over 50 vocal exercises and warm-ups, which also have downloadable MP3’s so you could take them anywhere!  I’m giving you all of my tips and secrets from over 20 years of professional singing experience.

Who is Michael Land?

I am a full-time performer and father of five, based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  Life is an adventure to say the least! I have had various singing jobs over the last 20 years as a National Touring Musician, Entertainer in Branson Missouri, Church Music Director, Corporate Entertainer and Vocal Coach. My passion is singing and, through many years of trial and error, I’ve learned how to master my vocal ‘instrument’ and want to help you do the same! As a full-time singer, I am putting all of these principles into practice on a daily basis, so I know they work!


“Michael’s new online singing program stands far above from all the others. His technique and exercises are designed for every level of singer. Also, no more waiting through exercises that don’t apply to your voice as lessons are geared toward both male and female singers voices simultaneously. Most of all he makes learning to sing: FUN! I can’t wait to share it with my worship team here at church.”Robert Payne – Pastor of Worship and Arts

“I have used a couple different singing programs over the years. This program is by far the most comprehensive and all inclusive. It has taught me that singing is much more than just the vibrations of my vocal chords. Rather, it is a combination of harnessing my stomach muscles and chest, throat and head resonators to produce sustainable and beautiful melodies. All described through unique illustrations and exercises that quickly enable the student!” Bryan P – Vocal Student

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Here’s what you’ll get in the Michael Land Singing Program!

Module 1 Introduction and Basics
Unit 1 Instructions: How to Best Use This Program
Unit 2 Introduction and Basics – LESSON
Unit 3 Hum Siren – Exercise
Unit 4 Chill Hum – Exercise
Unit 5 Wah Wah Wah – Exercise
Module 2 Vocal Anatomy
Unit 1 Vocal Anatomy – LESSON
Unit 2 Impersonations – LESSON
Unit 3 Melodic Hum – Exercise
Unit 4 Target Practice – Exercise
Module 3 Breathing
Unit 1 Breathing – LESSON
Unit 2 Coffee Straw Hiss – Exercise
Unit 3 ABC’s – Exercise
Unit 4 20 Second Challenge – Exercise
Module 4 Placement
Unit 1 Placement – LESSON
Unit 2 Yaw Jaw Naw – Exercise
Unit 3 Liproll Siren and Arpeggio – Exercise
Unit 4 Hum Siren and Arpeggio – Exercise
Unit 5 5 Vowel Siren – Exercise
Module 5 The Magical Mysterious Place
Unit 1 The Magical Mysterious Place – LESSON
Unit 2 Do the Nay Nay! – Exercise
Unit 3 Mommy Made Me Miss My Movie – Exercise
Module 6 The Secret to Power
Unit 1 The Secret to Power – LESSON
Unit 2 The Cry Baby – Exercise
Unit 3 La La Arpeggio – Exercise
Module 7 Control
Unit 1 Control – LESSON
Unit 2 The Tunnel Philosophy – LESSON
Unit 3 Ma Ma Triad – Exercise
Unit 4 I Can Feel The Power – Exercise
Module 8 Mastering Your Mix
Unit 1 Mastering Your Mix – LESSON
Unit 2 Slide Octave – Exercise
Unit 3 ‘Oh Wee’ Slide Octave – Exercise
Unit 4 ‘Above the Teeth’ – Exercise
Unit 5 Fry in the Mix – Exercise
Unit 6 ‘Wee’ On a 5 Note Scale – Exercise
Unit 7 ‘Nyeah’ On a 5 Note Scale – Exercise
Module 9 Vocal Health (Warm Ups and Cool Downs)
Unit 1 Vocal Health (Warm Ups and Cool Downs) – LESSON
Unit 2 Vocal Fry Circles – Exercise
Unit 3 Hum Fry Siren – Exercise
Unit 4 Hum Slide Octave – Exercise
Unit 5 ‘Car Starter’ Hum – Exercise
Unit 6 ‘Z’ Siren – Exercise
Unit 7 ‘Car Starter’ Lip Roll – Exercise
Unit 8 5 Vowel Siren with Breathing – Exercise
Unit 9 Hum Down – Exercise
Module 10 Vocal Health (Avoid Losing Your Voice and Recovery Tips)
Unit 1 Vocal Health (Avoid Losing Your Voice and Recovery Tips) – LESSON
Module 11 Pitch
Unit 1 Pitch – LESSON
Unit 2 Pitch Awareness – Exercise
Unit 3 Vowel Ear Training – Exercise
Unit 4 Open vs Closed – Exercise
Unit 5 The Jumping Game – Exercise
Module 12 Stage Presence and How to Nail Auditions
Unit 1 Stage Presence and How to Nail Auditions – LESSON
Module 13 Let’s Sing Together!
Unit 1 ‘Walk On Down The Road’ – Exercise
Unit 2 ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ – Exercise
Unit 3 ‘I Love To Sing’ – Exercise
Unit 4 ‘The Na Na Groove’ – Exercise
Unit 5 ‘Sing Sing Along’ – Exercise
Unit 6 ‘I’m Holding On To You’ – Exercise
Unit 7 ‘Sing With Me Now’ – Exercise
Unit 8 ‘I’m in Love With You’ – Exercise
Unit 9 ‘Dance With You All Night’ – Exercise
Unit 10 ‘I Hope You Sing Your Song’ – Exercise
Unit 11 ‘You’re in My Heart’ – Exercise
Unit 12 ‘Heart and Soul’ – Exercise
Unit 13 ‘I’m Gonna Sing My Song’ – Exercise